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Help Running Java

To run Equities Lab, one must run a relatively recent version of Java, and this guide steps you through that process.


Equities Lab Launches via Java Web Start.  This requires Java installed on your system.  If you use any of a number of programs brokers distribute to help their clients trade stocks more easily, you likely already have Java installed.  If not, or it's not the right version, or it is giving you problems, read on...

Launch URL:
The Directions:
When you go to log into the program, click on the Launch URL link above. It will do one of three things (in order of most annoying to least annoying), the solutions for which are posted below.
1. Ask how to open a JNLP link or offer to search for a program to open it. To solve this, head over to and click on the free download link. Follow the directions, with one caveat: uncheck the option to install the toolbar -- it is pure bloatware. Once that is done, try again, and it should do something different :-)
2. Ask if you want to keep or open files of this type. This is a typical thing for chrome to do. Specify that you want to keep it, then notice it has a little button made of the filename, and a little pulldown attached to that button. Pulling down the pulldown will give you a "always open files of this type", which is what you want. This is actually optional, as clicking on the button each time will work, and open the program.
3. Claim you have the wrong version of java, after trying to open. If you are running any type of computer other than a really old Mac (OS X 10.6.8 or earlier), heading over to will fix the problem. If you are running a really old Mac, consider upgrading or using another machine.
4. Simply open... as it does this (whether you got here right away, or after a certain amount of hard work...), it will ask if you want to accept the certificate, since it is untrusted. Under more options there's a "always accept this certificate", which will make this dialog go away for once and for all, after you click on "accept", or "ok".

5.  If you are on Windows, and want an exe, click here to download EquitiesLabProd.exe, and save it on your desktop.  Click it to run.  It can be pinned onto your taskbar by dragging, and it can be dragged into the start menu, if desired.

6.  Download this file  EquitiesLabProd.jar , saving it on your desktop.  If you are in Windows, just click on it to run it.  If you are on a Mac, or you just like command lines, you may run it with the following:  java -jar EquitiesLabProd.jar.