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The beginning of the Stock Screener Quickstart

Stock Screener Quick Start

If you would like a link to the entire quickstart guide for Stock Screeners all on one page, please Click Here

Feel free to review the Stock Screener Reference Guide for a detailed description of each window; otherwise, dive in.

Stock Screeners are used to find and select securities that could turn you a profit.

The Filter  is used to determine which securities are displayed.

The Score is used to determine how the security is evaluated.

 From Your Account ...

  1. Open Equities Lab
  2. Open Stock Screeners
  3. Click On Import Stock Screener
  4. Select the appropriate Quick Start Stock Screener
  5. The first one will be All Stocks

Here is what you should see right before you select the stock screener...

To view the Next Quick Start Stock Screener. Select the Load Icon in the Toolbar...

  1. Select the load icon from your tool bar
  2. Open Example's Stock Screeners > Quick Start
  3. Select the appropriate Quick Start Screener

Begin >