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Equities Lab Homework

What is the structure of a homework?

Homeworks are based on the Stock Screener type, with a few exceptions

Performance/Evaluation Period

In the Overview tab, homeworks contain performance requirements and a hard-coded evaluation period.


  • homeworks must conform to the performance requirements to get a good grade
  • unlike normal Stock Screener s, homeworks may only be tested with the professor specified evaluation period and rebalance strategy.

Grading Criteria

In addition to the Performance Requirements, professors may also set additional grading criteria under the grading criteria tab. These will specify additional contraints on your screener, such as Market Cap, P/E, etc.

Trading Rules 

Professors can specify the max holdings, rebalance, trading cost, trading model, and benchmarks.


Create a new assignment (for professors)

  1. Use the "create new homework" button on your course from page
  2. Ensure you give your homework a short unique label
  3. Now edit your homework 

To Add New Stock Criteria 

  1. click on the green arrow besides grading criteria.
  2. in the box type your new name such as affirm_sector
  3. in the drop down box select "new variable" or ctr-shift-n
  4. Now add whatever property you want to specify.  To find out more about our expression language, read our equihack guide.

To require a PE greater then 5

under grading criteria, add a new condition "affirm_pe" where PE > 5

To require at least 1% monthly return

Under Overview, Return Performance, set the Minimum Monthly Average to 1

To Add Rebalance or Trading Costs 

  1. Switch to the Trading Rules tab
  2. Select the Rebalance term you would like students to use
  3. Select the Trading Cost you would like them to use (if any)

Create a new assignment (for students)

  1. Ensure you have joined the course, go to Course if you have not 
  2. Browse the given course, in the homework table, click on the homework you wish to start 
  3. Click on the "Edit/Create" homework
  4. Check the required performance charactoristics
  5. Create your strategy, refer to  StockScreener if you need help creating strategies.


Submit an assignment (for students)

  1. Click on the books icon next to the Go button  
  2. If you are happy with your grade, submit your homework. Otherwise try again