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Results Table

Learn how to use our Results Table to view the results of your Watchlist


Open the Featured Watchlist Rising Income and EPS Growth from the Explorer tab and switch over to the Results Table tab

The results table displays all stocks that the watchlist.

By default we display the stocks action (buy,sell,or hold). reason, score, Market Cap, Closing Price, Company Name, and Sector. We Also display ALL tear sheet items in the Results Table. By Default the Tear Sheet will be "Synopsis".

Let's sort the Results Table by score(%price change over the past month) by clicking on score at the top row of the table

To add extra information to the graph you simplys plot a property or expression and it will show up in the graph. There are two ways to do this:

1. Plot a property in the Tools Tab such as Net Income Growth

2. Create a tab and name it starting with "plot_" then put a property or expression in to the tab

To type in the expression above you will first type in a divided by then press enter. Then in the first box you will type a + and press enter. Doing so will give you the expression ( ? + ? ) / ?. now in each seperate box with a ? type in the respective property or value. Go to the Editor page to learn more.


Now notice how the Results Table now includes the new columns of information


Export to Excel

Click on the Excel Export Icon  in the upper right-hand corner of the graph.

In this box you will name the file as well as specify where you want it located on your computer.