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My First Watchlist

Introducing a simple Watchlist

Creating your Watchlist

From your account page please click on "follow screener"

In the resuling window select the featured stock screener "Value Across Time YRLY"


 Your Watchlist should look something like this...


 After you save the watchlist, It will be in your account as "Value Across Time YRLY" or something else if you named it differently. You can locate it in the Explorer Tab.

Try This

Click on one of the securities after you save and notice there are two options

  • Never Buy <name>
  • I Bought <name>


If this was a real trading situation, you would research each company and do one of two things:

  • If you don't like the company then you will select Never Buy. We will blacklist the security so that you will never be told to buy it again. You will be able to unblacklist it at any point.
  • If you like the company, after you buy it, select I Bought. We will then track the security and tell you when it's time to sell with a sell alert on your account page. It will be time to sell when the security no longer passes the buy criteria which is now the Value Across Time YRLY stock screener

Tear Sheets

Click on a stock in the heat map and notice the information displayed in the "tear sheet"

By default the tear sheet will be "Synopsis". Click on "Switch tear sheet"  in the bottom right of the pop-up to get a different set of information.

The resulting window will look like the one below

Choose the EPS History Tear Sheet then click on the stock again to view the tear sheet information

Viewing multiple tear sheets will help guide you to a decision on whether you think the stock will be a good investment.

Try this 

Assume you like about half of the securities so you buy them then blacklist the others.

Switch over to the Blacklist Tab and notice all of the securities you Blacklisted are now displayed here.

Why do we buy?

We buy the securities so we can keep track of your portfolio and generate sell alerts when the security no longer passes the buy criteria. When the stock no longer passes the "Value Across Time YRLY" strategy then a sell alert will be generated.

Watchlist Overview

Now that you have created your first watchlist switch over to the Overview Tab


To change the name and description simply click on them to edit.