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Plotting Data

Select create new watchlist from your home page to begin.

Select Health Care and Mid Cap  as your buy stock screeners.

Adding Properties to your results

Now switch to the    tab and drag Research and Development Trailing 12 Months into "show in results box"

After you refresh your data, when you hover over a stock, you should see the Research And Development T12M . You can also use that property to visualize your data using our Scatter Chart, Bar Chart, and Results Table.

Some stocks may not have a given field, for those stocks, you will get a  ? in the results pane rather then results.

Adding custom expressions to your results


Click on the button, and type in "change in research".

We create a new tab for you with the name plot_change_in_researchThe plot_ prefix lets us know you want to plot the data.

To learn more about creating expressions, check out our Editor guide.

Now type in the following expression

After you refresh, you will see that change in research has been added to your results.

Plotting another stock on your graph

After you evaluate this, you will get GE's Open as a line in your graph.