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Tear Sheets and Pie Charts

Open the Stock Screener Quick Start: Good Fundamentals and switch to the Results Breakdown Tab

The Results breakdown tab dislays verious pie charts that represent the results of your strategy, which in this case is the "Good Fundamnetals" strategy. There are 2 pie charts for each field, one pie chart represents the filtered on date and the other represents the scored on date.

Notice the Beta Pie Chart for the Filtered on Date: Over half of the stocks that pass the strategy are either in the high beta category or the very high beta category.

Click on the pie chart to see what the ranges are for the categories.

Scroll down to the bottom of the Results breakdown tab and notice the Sector Pie Chart.

*The Fields in the pie charts come from the Tear Sheet Fields. By default they come from the Synopsis tear Sheet.

Tear Sheets

Switch to the Results Tab and click on a stock and view the tear sheet:

The tear sheet will be "Synopsis" by default. You can view the tear sheey values as of the filtered on date and scored on date.

Switch between the filter on and scored on tab to compare results:

There are Numerous tear sheets that you can view for a stock

Click on Switch Tear Sheet and choose "O'Neil's CAN SLIM"

Now click on a stock to view the Tear Sheet: