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Results By Category

LARGE COMPANY: Bar Graph view allows you to see the average score over sections of the results returned.


Viewing The Results as a Bar Graph is another cool feature of our program.

From the Explorer Tab please open the "Large Company" stock screener in Example's Stock Screeners

Now Click on the "Results by Category" tab at the bottom of the window.

This Graph's Y-axis displays the score, which is price change from the filtered on date to the scored on date.. To change the dates return to the Heat Map in results and adjust the filtered on and scored on dates.

What if you want the graph broken down as something else instead on Sector, such as Price to Sales? Let's do that!


Go to the tools tab and search for Price to Sales.

Find Price To Sales and click and drag the property into "Show in Results" on the right of the tools tab.

Return to Results by Category and click on  "Sorted By"  next to good score/bad score. Your resulting view will look like this.

Select "P_Sales" from the drop-down menu then press okay.

Now View the Graph. It is now categorized based on Price to Sales.

ALSO, switch to the results heat Mapand notice it is now categorized into price to sales sections as opposed to sectors.