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Back Testing

Introduction of the back test


Open the Quick Start: Good Fundamentals Stock Screener


These securities had a Market Cap greater than 1 billion, an f score of 8 or 9, and an average net income growth over 3 years greater than 10%

Run the backtest

Click on results and select Backtest

Or select the backtest Icon shown below...

In the resulting window will look like this

Your results will look something like the image below

You are looking at the performance of this stock screener over time if you had bought and sold the securities that passed the strategy

The green line shows your portfolio performance if you would have bought the securities when they pass this stock screener and sold them when they no longer pass this stock screener. The backtest by default rebalance weekly

This stock screener out performed the S & P 500 but not by much.

Now Try This

Click on "--screener" in the upper left section of the graph and view the annual return and total return of the strategy.

Now right click anywhere on the graph and view the results of the stock screener on that date.

Backtest Table

Switch over to the backtest table tab

The Backtest Table will display the value of each line in the backtest on any particular date.

Try clicking on the column labels to sort from high to low or low to high