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Score Seminar

LARGE COMPANY PRICE GROWTH: Learn every detail of the "score" in our software.


Reload the Large Company Price Growth stock screener to get it back to its original form.

The Return is currently the % change in closing price from the Bought On date to the Returned On date.

Notice hese results are are NOT the present day results, Why?

By default we screen for the companies roughly 3 months in the past so that you can use the score function to test how, on average, the stocks performed up until today. That method along with our back test are great ways to validate if a stock screener actually works. It is easy to come up with a stock screener that you think should perform well against the market, but it is very important you test how the screen performed in the past.

Get the stocks that pass today

Let's screen the stocks in the present.

Click on the "To" between the Bought On and Returned on dates, select Today, then Refresh.

Where did all of the color go?

Remember the score is still the % Change from the Filtered On date to the Scored On Date. They are the same day, so the score will be 0%.

The stocks are shaded red or green based on a bad return or good return, respectively. That's why there is a neutral color.

Change Great Return to 0% and notice the results.

All securities in the screener pass, so all securities turn green.

Create your own custom return

Reload the Stock Screener (F5)

Let's change the score to something else. How about Net Income Growth 1 Quarter.

Click the  New tab icon

Then, name the Tab "score" with a lowercase s.

The program will automatically use this variable as the new score.

For this example, we will drag Net Income Growth 1Q from Tools onto our score variable.


For instructions on how to create more complex score variables, visit the Editor page.

Now refresh, and try hovering over a security:

As of the Returned On date, Facebook's Net Income Growth 1Q was 1.328%, according to our screener. Note that we've also changed Bad Return and Good Return to 3% in the appropriate direction