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Filter Seminar

LARGE COMPANY: Learn how to screen for companies with a market cap over 10 billion.

The Filter matches every security with a market cap over 10 billion

Market Cap, as well as many other Properties use abbreviations to denote magnitude. So 70b is 70 billion, and 70m would be 70 million.

The Return is the change of closing price from the Filtered On date to the Scored on Date. In this case, the % price change from Nov 18, 2019 to Feb 18, 2020.


Notice the results Overview box that is displayed after the Stock screener loaded.

Don't worry if it disappeared, the information can be found in the Messages Tab below the Explorer tab.

This Overview box displays the average return of all securities that pass through the filter, as well as the range from minimum to maximum.

Try this

Change 10b to 200b

Press Ctrl-R

Now, you should have all companies with a market cap over 200 billion as of the filtered on date.

Results Scatter

Open the Quick Start: Large Company Screen OR change the editor to say Market Cap > 10b

Select the Results Scatter tab at the bottom of the heat map.

The Scatter Chart by default plots the stock screneer results using Market Cap as the X-axis, and Return as the Y-axis. By default, the colors are randomized. The axes and the color may be customized if you wish.

Switch over to the Tools Tab, and plot the Property Alpha by dragging it over to "Show in Results"

Now switch back to the Scatter Chart and change the X-Axis to be Alpha (Bought On Date), as illustrated below:

The Scatter chart now displays Alpha from the Filtered On date on the X-axis.

I don't see a trend in this in this chart so I cannot conclude that high institutional ownership stocks performed better than low institutional ownership stocks between the filtered on and scored on dates.

Try clicking on the back arrow next to the dates to see if there is a trend during different time periods.


Switch over to the Results Table Tab

The Results Table Tab displays the results of the stock screener that pass on the Filtered on Date in a spreadsheet. Notice how Alpha is available in the Results table. That is because we plotted it in the Tools tab in the step above.

To add extra information to the graph you simplys plot a property or expression and it will show up in the graph. There are two ways to do this:

1. Plot a property in the Tools Tab such as Net Income Growth

2. Create a tab and name it starting with "plot_" then put a property or expression in to the tab. Note that "plot_" will be appended to the front of the variable name automatically if you do not add it in yourself. Visit the Editor page if you need assitance typing in an expression.

Now Notice how the Results table includes those new columns of information

Export to Excel

Click on the Excel Export Icon  in the upper right-hand corner of the graph to view the results in a spreadsheet.

In this box you will name the file as well as specify where you want it located on your computer.