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Connect to Interactive Brokers

How to connect Equities Lab to Interactive Brokers

Configuring Equities Lab

  1. From the home screen, click through to Account settings

  2. In the Connect to brokerage box, select Interactive Brokers

  3. Once you return to the home screen, you should now see Connect to IB as an option.

Connecting to IB

Click on Connect to IB

If you do not have an IB Gateway or TWS API access, click Install IB Gateway
Run IB Gateway or TWS API

Now you should click on the IB Gateway icon on your desktop

When you run either gateway you'll get a dialogue box like the one below.


If you don't get this screen, you can also download it directly from Interactive Brokers.

Important: Ensure you have IB API rather than FIX CTCI Selected!


After your IB client connects, press the Connect to IB Gateway button at the bottom of the pop-up within Equities Lab.

If you don't connect after a couple of minutes, check your IB Gateway and see if it is reporting any errors. If not, please email support as you should be connected!