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What is Equities Lab?

Equities lab is unique and innovative software that will quickly and easily answer questions such as:

            “What securities have a dividend higher than 7%?”

            “What securities have risen in price over 20% for the past two years?”

            “Which month is the best to buy and sell a particular security?” 

            “If I had bought GOOG every time the 12 day moving average was greater than the 26 day moving average, how much would my portfolio be worth today?”

            “Are there any stocks that have reported a higher EPS in each of the previous 8 quarters?”

You will use the screens below to answer the questions above

Your Account

            Here you will easily access your Watch List, the Stock Pick Creator, and the Trading Model Designer. You will also personalize this page you your liking.

  Review alerts, access all other screens      

The Screener

From this page you will enter in any criteria you want in a security and score the results by performance measures.

Find all securities with a market cap greater than 100 million and score them by their Yield

The Stock Pick Tuner 

Here you will take your security and search for the optimal time to buy and sell (i.e. the trading models).

Use MACD to determine when to buy and sell GE

The Trading Model Designer

Here you will create custom trading models to find the right time to buy and sell a security

Buy GE when the 12 day moving average is greater than the 26 day moving average, and sell when it is not

 The Watch List Page

Here you will keep track of saved sock picks and see how they performed against benchmarks

Is GE outperforming the S & P 500. How has AAPL performed compared to my other technology stocks